Three youths from Odisha’s Puri district are all set to represent India in Street Dance World Cup 2017 scheduled to be held in August in Korea.

The participants were Rajendra Mishra’s son Adarsh Mishra of Duttatota, Trinath Sahoo’s son Asutosh Sahoo of Narendrakon and Pabitra Mohanty’s son Bishnu Charan Mohanty of Bali Nolia sahi in pilgrim town.

Discover Puri Contacted the Team and We had a very Good conversation with them. Lets see what they want to share with the World Wide Web!

Interview with a Crew Member of the Youth Team

How long have you been dancing and How does dance inspire you?
We have been dancing since 2013. Every Crew Member. It helps us be ourself and through dancing we dancers define ourselves our lifestyles the best through dancing only.
Why do you like dancing, What got you guys into dancing?
Love not like there is no reason why you love someone but its as sacred as love. We represent our lifestyle, our Emotions through dancing. In short, dance defines us. My surrounding! We created a surrounding in which one got inspired from another. Gradually we built up a community in Puri, and now Puri has the best hip hop scene in Odisha.
Do you hope to inspire others to dance too?
Android crew will always be there in Odisha and help out each n every passionate dancer who works for the cause not for the cost. Yes! we want to contribute a lot to the society especially to Odisha. But it will take people/dancers of Odisha some right knowledge to have a glance of what we do.
 What type of dance do you practice?
Hip hop! It is a culture which evolved out in 80s at several places. We train all forms of hip hop. Hip hop has a deep history within. We teach whatever we do in our academy in Infinite Dance Moves, Infront Of PWD office Puri.
Would you like to try another type of dance?
We love what we do. There is no type for us left. We have got versatile dancers, but we stick to one because we believe in keeping 100 in one subject and being in the top rather than keeping average marks and passing in every subject.
Do you plan to do something with dance later in life, or is it just a hobby?
Yes, we do have a lot of plans regarding dance. Its not just a hobby these peoples are not enough backed up financially neither they have qualifications. Dancing is bread and water for them.
What are some of your goals for dance?
KOD (keep on dancing) was nothing more than a dream. We have been following hip hop since 2013 and representing it from 2015 only by watching these videos. We want to take odisha to a height where no one will further ask is there is a hip hop scene in odisha?(out state dancers).
Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
Representing India for sure. In the next 10 years dancing will surely be added in Olympics like these street forms the evolution has already started next year 2018 break dancing(bboying) has been added in 2018 youth Olympics. leaders are after this cause to add street dance into Olympics as its nothing less than a sport.  “Dancers Are Athletes Of GOD” – Albert Einstein.
Ahh What a nice Interview we had! A Lot of Passion, Dedication within these Youth.
“Agar Tum Kisi Cheez ko Pure Dil se Chaho, Puri Kaynat Tumhe Us Se Milane Ki Sazis Main Jut Jata Hai.” We wish all the best to you guys for your upcoming Street Dance World Cup! Go win the crown and Make every one Proud!


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