Event Management industry has grown potentially well over the last decade. We have seen a whopping participation in events on specific topics. Be it a concert, conference, corporate event or marathons, people have started to take interest in all kinds of events equally and actively.

It is tough to select top event management companies in Puri considering the massive amount of awesome companies and their efforts, all equal and competitive.Here are the top among them:

1Event Dose


It was started on 9th June 2017 with a mission to provide an ultimate solution for various kind of celebrations, Event Dose is a unique event management Company which is one of its kind. we plan events in a special and innovative way, so that our clients can Celebrate their special moments and cherish the memories forever.

2Eagle Eye Event


It is a professional event management company based in Puri, Odisha. As one of the top event management service in Puri they offer Event Planning, wedding planning, corporate events, sports events, marketing events, conferences, exhibitions, consumer shows, product launch. We can assist companies to organise conferences, Seminar, Dealer Meets, Sales Meet, Product Launch, Exhibitions, Brand Promotions, Consumer Activations, Annual Award Functions, Annual Get-Togethers, Annual Days, Founder Day, Theme Parties, Corporate Parties, Corporate Events, Weddings, Fashion Shows, DJ Parties, Gazhal Nights, Family Day-outs, Live Shows, Rock Shows, Live Performances, Movie Screenings, Road Shows, Mall Promotions, BTL Activities, Outdoor Advertising, Mobile Hoarding Display Vans, Hydraulic Mobile Van Providers, Advertising Vans, Exhibition Octonorm Stalls, Prefabricated Exhibition Stalls, Manpower, Emcees, Hostess Provider, Promoters.

3RCH Events

RCH Events is in the business of creating experiences and our strong
belief is that an event may be forgotten, but an experience will last for
a lifetime. Wizcraft, a pioneer in organizing extravagant and mesmerizing
events like Award Show,Annual Function,Star Night,Reality Show,Marriage Party
Birthday and Thread Ceremony,Anniversary,Corporate Party,Private Party and
Movie Promotion etc.

4All Star Events

From Corporate events like conferences, exhibitions, meetings, product launches to personal events like weddings and parties, All Star Events has emerged as a go-to event management solution for Corporate and individuals alike.

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